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The whole story started in the summer of 2005. Well known and experienced musicians joined forces and started Cadaveres. In short period of time they became one of the leading band of the Hungarian metal underground movement. Without any official release they played in Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Serbia, Germany and Switzerland. At the beginning their live set based on the legacy of Cadaveres De Tortugas (Körmöczi’s ex band), but a song of the new breed was shortly born.. They played together with their biggest idols, like Soulfly, Cataract and Alice In Chains, and several local fellas, like Ekomorf, Replika, FRL and Watch My Dying. They have been invited to play in the festival season, events like Sziget, Wan2, Hegyalja, Topvar and Vollmond. The band recorded their debut album through several sessions in Bakery Studio, Hungary and Soul Of A New Breed released in 10th of November 2006. All the sweat, the blood, the rage, the happiness and the sadness of one year transformed to 40 minutes of music, which exactly shows the member’s commitment and individuality.

After the record released, the guys played their ass off, in countries like Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Czech, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. They played 60 shows in a year.

On the 14th of November 2008, CADAVERES released their second full length album, titled EVILUTION. Guitar player/singer Körmöczi Peter commented:” This period of the evolution is very dark and evil. Our EVILUTION was forged with blood-stained hands of doom. Our apocalyptic vision presented in 10 songs." EVILUTION was engineered, recorded and mastered at Bakery Studios, Red, Hungary in autumn with Zoltan Varga (Subscribe, Spyders, Blind Myself). EVILUTION released in two formats. A normal CD and a double disc sets with bonus DVD material. Devil's Dozen contains a full length concert (from Stagediving Festival, Budapest February 2008), a documentary and all the band's videos. Devil's Dozen DVD is available separately as well.

In 2009 CADAVERES toured a lot again, but member changes slowed down them. In 2010 the line-up is finalized with an ex member of Ektomorf, Joci, on drums; Zoli on vocal front from North6 and Kálmi, on the second guitar from Chaos Of Disorder. Released their third album , titled MindStream with ten best new songs.
This year the band comeback a brand new EP : DigitalStream !

The new line up realesed its album called “Demoralizer” in 2013 and continued touring.
In 2015 they realesed their accoustic EP called “Hazai” , which contains real radio hits.
In 2016 they came out with their fifth album called “The Fifth House”
In 2018, the band replaced both the singer and the drummer resulting in the band returning back to the style of their first two albums. Hard and aggressive songs were born again, but there still also remains melodic parts. The new single called “Si(g)ns” will release in August.

And the cogwheels of their machine keep spinning over and over again...

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