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The Chief
The Pilgrim
The Teaching
The Question
The Quest
The Crooked
The Belief
The Incest
The Butterfly
The Origin
  • The Chief

    There was a time when I felt that right
    To talk and play then sleep all night
    Since I know the world is mine
    Ever after I’m feeling fine

    I’m feeling sober
    Not one day older
    Stay here forever
    Never say never!

    Jump, fly! I’m feeling dirty
    Sky-high! Patience hurts me
    Hey, wait! The view is blurry
    Too late! Please don’t worry

    To be the chief I have it all
    Give me your trust and I will not fall
    Obey the rules and come where I stand
    Follow me blindly until the end

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  • The Pilgrim

    Ready to start yet I lay
    The sun comes up, this is my day
    To where we ride the road is wide
    Poor and worthy side by side

    A knight, a miller, a reeve, a friar
    A romance or morals, a sermon or a fable
    A teaching, a joke firmly put together
    Spreading like the fever

    Fragments of life is found all around the world
    Places we’ve never seen, stories left unheard
    Who knows what’s wrong and right? Who dares to decide?
    Questions left unanswered, endlessly denied

    Reveal the eyes and hide the soul
    Intentions differ in every role
    Legends of saints fill the air
    Salvation to clean us there

    A cook, a clerk, a merchant, a squire
    Faces of difference lit by the fire
    Driven by fear and burning desire
    To take their spirits higher

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  • The Teaching

    Number one – only me and no others
    Number two – I don’t need idol believers
    Number three – do not misuse my title
    Number four – one day for holy survival

    Not for the first time
    We’re twisting the pagan myths
    Control the whole world
    By creating blind beliefs

    Ten of them shows the rules
    The one who dictates
    Posesses human souls

    Five and six – honor seniors , no murders
    Seven, eight – do not cheat and steal others
    Number nine - give your word to the neighbours
    Number ten – forget covetous behaviours

    Impulsive, repressive
    Possessive, aggressive

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  • The Question

    Envy, enmity, greed and jealousy

    The more we see the less we know,
    Which direction should we go?
    Why do emotions have to die?

    What is wrong with sanity? Where is humanity? Are you a friend or enemy?
    The question’s here, now answer me!
    Tired of banality, corruptibility, existence of a deity
    Is there truth in our history?

    Fill reality with lies
    See details without eyes
    No longer, we’ll rise!
    Cast the devil from paradise!

    Dream or reality, fiction, fantasy

    The more I hear the less I say,
    Will this nightmare go away?
    Why do I always end this way?

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  • The Quest

    It's a road it is wide, I won't hit it tonight
    The obstacle's countless, do I need all this fight?

    It's a game it is rough, both challenging, tough
    Time is not endless, maybe it's not enough

    I've been seeking for the meaning
    But it isn't coming, I'm running blind

    Failing all the hearts, and losing all
    All the wars, just wasting time, it isn't fine

    What we need, what we're looking for? (There is no hope)
    Will this be any better?
    There's a secret, a hidden door (But where's the key?)
    That's protecting the answer

    It's a test I will fail, a useless detail
    There's no happy ending in this fairy tale

    This road has no end, so why I was sent?
    Have lost all that counts, there is nothing, there's nothing to defend

    Fear of uncertainty, need of necessity

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  • The Crooked

    I see you’re not that straight and tall
    You are different after all
    Nothing’s what it seems
    A blurry image from bad dreams

    While others stare and die
    You hardly blink an eye
    And what keeps you alive
    Is the difference from the hive

    A tree that crooked will not be taken
    So as you, unique, you’re not gonna be mistaken
    With the ones that follow all of the orders
    There to stand out from the followers

    All that you are
    Took you this far
    All that you’ll be
    Depends on your ability

    The whole world runs around
    Real characters can’t be found
    Deviance is like a threat
    Morality to reset

    If we could wake up from this dream
    Humanity to redeem
    A path destined to fail
    Lifelines set for sale

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  • The Belief

    Confused by the fact that
    Like creatures we’re being held,
    Imaginary ropes that tie us
    Silent prayers yelled

    Fear embedded so long
    Conditioned in the soul
    We forgot how to stand it
    And break down their control

    Move on… with your… life

    Lessons learned, abandoned, bridges have burnt, tables turn

    Negative thoughts that we possess makes us think we’re destined to fall
    Living so suppressed we don’t realize how to get rid of them all
    Why don’t we see? The false belief
    Steals our dreams, steals our hopes, steals our life, like a thief

    Hanging onto ideas
    Why not try to prove them wrong?
    Worn theories exist
    Like singing the same old song

    Move on… with your… life

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  • The Butterfly

    Decide who you gonna take
    Be sure you succeed till it’s too late

    Fly high little butterfly (Will you listen to me?)
    Spread your wings in the bright sky

    After all you have the time, you are the one, you have the right
    Choose the colors, choose the shapes,
    choose the light, life’s not black and white
    I can tell that you’ll never ever find the one this way
    Look for the secrets of the hidden world and see them play

    No one to reach your heart
    Condemned from the start

    Cry, cry little butterfly (You never listen to me)
    Shed your tears but never know why

    Obey the rules and come where I stand
    Follow me blindly until the end

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  • The Origin

    You've come so far, but you still don't know who you are
    Matter was formed from the remains of a star

    Dust to dust, flesh to rust
    We're living fast, we won't last

    Your words, my heart
    Body and mind ripped apart

    Running around in circles again (Running around in circles)
    There's no beginning and there's no end (No begining and no end)
    Lost in a world that does not care (Running around in circles)
    No one ever asked to be here (The origin of the failures)

    Origin of one, creation undone
    Interior spiritual, exterior material

    Origin of one - I lost the plot
    Creation undone - Where's my god?
    Interior spiritual - Yet it's so dense)
    Exterior material - doesn't make a sense

    I came this far but I still don't know who you are
    I've prayed in vain but you're just a dying star

    Love to lust, who to trust?
    Temporary state, angeldust

    You're dead, I'm done
    Body and mind have gone

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